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  1. i played on consoles for 25 years, then i switched to PC and played on PC for past 3 years, then i tryed to go back to consoles again and after 4 days of console only use i couldnt take it any more and switched back to PC XD and…. no, xbox one x do not render all games at native 4k whole the time, it uses dynamic 4k technology whitch allows xbox one x drop resolution whole way down to 720p if it is needed 🙂

  2. Dude quit spreading this bullshit and sucking Spencer's dick.. fucking clown the x is not even in the same ballpark as a gtx1080.. you can play the witcher 3 true 4k 60+fps .. the Xbox one runs it at about 30fps and is jittery as fuck.

  3. I wanna told everybody something every way to play is awesome before two weeks I play in xbox right now I have a gaming computer that running everything and it doesn't has a big spectations just be happy in what you playing

  4. I play on PC but this video is inaccurate. Comparing a $500 dollar console to a highend PC is not fair. a 500 dollar PC vs the xbox one x would have made more sense

  5. It doesn't matter how powerful the GPU is. The cpu holds it back, and I'm sure a better cpu would have made it much more capable with physics and overall performance/framerate.

  6. Ok, look.
    Xbox one x vs pc
    Xbox one x $500
    pc that can render 4k at 30 fps and 60 fps $ ??????
    Not $500 thats for sure.
    So you are going to argue that paying for gold or a pass or more for a game puts the pc ahead, but what did you pay for the gaming pc?
    You can not build a pc for gaming that will beat the X for less than $2000, that is 4x as much as the xbox one x, so your whole argument is mute.

    I can buy gold, season pass and any dlc packs for every game I own and still not even come close to the $$ I would have to invest in a gaming pc, not to mention every 6 months your gaming pc is out of date.
    I love pc gaming, BUT I havent done any in 10 years, it stopped making sense when a build got to $2000 minimum to play the same games at higher resolutions.

    Back when Half life 2 came out, sure it was amazing on pc compared to an xbox, but now, not so much.
    The only advantage to pc gaming are parameters and tweaks, using he console and dialing in settings, advanced settings, pushing the graphics well beyond what a console is set up to render, but even this is no longer true.
    So, if you want to compare them, build a $500 gaming pc and set it up side by side with an xbox one x and run them through the tests.
    Otherwise it is not a comparison, it is like comparing a Tesla to a Nissan Leaf.
    Sure the Tesla is nicer, but you can buy 4 Leaf's for the price of one Tesla.


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