Thief: Deadly Shadows is an action-adventure stealth video game developed by Ion Storm Inc. for Microsoft Windows and Xbox in 2004, on May 25 in North America, and on June 11 in Europe. It is the third entry in the Thief series of video games.

In Thief: Deadly Shadows the player takes the role of Garrett, a master thief. It is set in a fantasy world resembling a cross between the Late Middle Ages and the Victorian era, with more advanced technologies interspersed. One of the game’s major new features was the ability to explore the City. While previous games sent Garrett straight from mission to mission, Thief: Deadly Shadows allows him to walk the City streets between missions where he can steal from passersby, spy on the townspeople’s daily lives, and search for sidequests in addition to major story missions. The game also introduced an ability to switch between first and third person views, and to flatten against walls.


  1. I might be an oddball here but I think Thief Deadly Shadows is the best of the bunch, followed by Thief 4.
    Deadly Shadows was the first Thief game I ever played so perhaps that's where my golden memories lie. I've played through all of the Thief games and I enjoy all of them for different reasons. I like most things about the old thief games, especially the atmosphere, but I hate how empty they are, the newer games are more visually interesting and more tightly packed.

    I developed this weird desert "phobia" in games, whenever I have to run into one direction for more than 30 seconds without seeing at least something visually interesting I break a cold sweat and get really frustrated, it kinda kills it for me for the old Thief games to be honest ( I call it a desert phobia because if it's a literal desert in a game I usually break a cold sweat as soon as I see it, I think I got it from KOTOR 2 when I was running back and forth the desert not knowing what to do for a couple of hours ), this is also the reason why I never played WoW for more than a couple of hours, yet I still find standing still and hiding in a bush fun. XD

  2. Honestly I think the only negatives of Deadly Shadows were the more claustrophobic feeling level designs and the slightly more clunky feeling first person controls (owing to the fact that you were actually controlling a third person model). The narrative and its delivery, the atmosphere, art direction, and general stealth gameplay was spot on, and in my opinion the sound design and music is the strongest in the series.

    The Shalebridge Cradle is still the most intensely scary level I have played in any game (including actual horror games) to date.

  3. The cradle scarred my psyche until I RIP, and that was 13 years ago. I remember the hammer people, the melted metal, the witch thingie that turned into the monster, the small stairs with the wagon that I had to cross every-time with the dick guard in the wrong spot. I can't remember what T4i4f4Th4ief4 was even about.

  4. I played this originally on the OG Xbox at release with Composite cables @ 576i… it was a horrible and choppy experience. The 50hz signal was completely broken and the game suffered with serious ghosting on the PAL version too. It was never made to run @ 50hz and it really hurt my experience.

    I tried playing on Xbox 360 BC and unfortunately the game is broken there too. The light sources flicker through walls and all the lighting effects are dull and washed out. Now finally I have an OG Xbox that's soft-modded and the 60hz signal and 480p are a real treat! The game performs much better, with stable frame rate and effects.

    Loving it so far. I am dreading the Cradle level as with Composite it was blurred to hell and I couldn't see shit… Now it'll be clear and smooth adding much more to the creepy atmosphere, great review man!

  5. imo 3rd person view is the best perspective for stealth games. Lets you see more so it enhances the puzzle aspect since you get more information. And ironically Fp feels more gaming since you have no peripherals. Peripherals matter for being stealthy.

  6. I played this when it first came out, and despite being a hardcore thief fan at the time I was actually impressed with it… it was well made, fit into the thief universe and was really immersive. thief 2014 was a sack of shit though.

  7. Here's how I would have made the thief reboot. You play the girl at the end. The beginning level is you learning to be a keeper after we get a cutscene with her backstory. Garrett and the keepers tell her that keepers have essentially evolved into master thieves to keep the balance of the world (Thats a keepers true job, its why the keepers think Garrett is the "true keeper"). The little girl becomes a successor of Garrett, keeping the balance between the factions by stealing from and helping both.

  8. I really think this game is better than what it's given credit for, however it is a mixed bag as it's representative of a time in between old and new and as such is not really that classic, old school thief but trying to be modern. The technology at the time wasnt yet at the level required and so it, like many other games ended up being generic and kind of dull as well as seriously hampered by the underpowered consoles of the era.

  9. The first game I've played in my life and still nothing comes close to this game. Theif Deadly Shadows is without a doubt the best stealth game ever made.

    The new Theif (2014) should not be counted as a part of this series. It doesn't have the heart. Like you said very aptly, the reboot is made by, "developers who have no knowledge or interest in the series they are rebooting". Absolutely 100% correct.


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