Ian says “dinos” in this review of The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs (1996) for the PC!
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  1. I just realized that I never finished this one. My computer could not handle the the awesome performance requirements of 3D bus to dinosaur transformations. I think that I actually just thought that was the end of the game!

  2. guy 1:dont talk about the machine we'll get out of bussines boss!
    boss:ok we must never show them the morphasouras
    guy2:y-y-yeah b-but sh-sh-shouldnt w-w-we scrap it all together?
    boss:you idiot we must get a dino army to rule the world!! mwahahahahahaa!!!
    guy3:we will control everything
    boss:our plan is to annihilate the horrible species we call humans with the machine and replace them with dinos
    kid i forget his name:DID SOMEONE SAY DINOS?!
    guy1:uuuhhh yes we did can you please go continue on with the adventure
    guy2:th-this doesnt seem right
    boss:your fired gilbert! (guy 2s name)
    gilbert:b-b-but sir
    guy 1 and 3 push guy two out of the facility
    boss:now get to work kidnap some children and turn them into dinos to rule the world!

  3. i dont know if i had already left this comment and forgotten about it but i remember the solar system magic school bus game, it was one of the first games i had for my old pc years ago along with sonic CD and later on Doom.

  4. I'm not gunna lie. i fell into that "kid who was super into dinosaurs" catagory. Had thisa game at home (along with the explore the solar system one) And Did seek out photographing all the dinosaurs AND collecting all the dino cards. Watching you review this has flung TONS of memories back, and i find myself surprised i can remember so many of the sound effects, character lines, and other random bits that just are permanently engraved in my brain.


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