This part discusses the rest of the Commander Keen PC game series. We take a look at “Goodbye Galaxy!” for Commander Keen 4 & 5, “Aliens Ate My Babysitter” for Commander Keen 6, the user-created mod trilogy “The Universe is Toast!”, and the Gameboy Advance version.

You can download the Commander Keen games from Steam along with many of the other classic id Software PC games.

A special “Era Game Reviews” series of videos that focus on reviewing PC games made by the people behind id Software; Commander Keen games, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Quake, and its mods and community. Learn about id Software history and its historic entry into the video game industry in the ’90s by “Exploring the Id” in this documentary/retro-review.

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  1. LOL. Like many people are commenting, what about Keen Dreams?? That was the official Commander Keen 7. But as LGR's review of that points out, that game was as bad as the Gameboy version, so I wouldn't be surprise if Keen fans didn't even want to see that.

  2. I can't say I've ever heard of or played Commander Keen before, but it's game play is definitely recognizable, with similar game play to games like Duke Nukem and SAM, which I did play…

  3. Excellent Keen videos, great games, thanks to steam I'm revisiting the series, they're still quite playable today even the first trilogy. Maybe Dreams and keen 6 will find it's way out eventually. And those fan games do look quite good I'll be giving them a look a some point for sure.

  4. A year late but… A correction to what you said: Apogee doesn't own the rights to Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter. FormGen was bought out by GT Interactive, which was later bought out by Inforgrames, which even later renamed itself Atari. As such, Atari S.A. owns the rights to the game.

  5. …Wait, that song that plays right after "You've got to eat you're vegetables" – How's it called and how the HELL did they manage to get a GM version of it? I thought the only Commander Keen OST tracks provided by Bobby Prince as MIDI were KickPant, Veggies, TooHot, Wonder, Tighter, Diamonds, Beach, AlienAte, MamShake and 2Future.


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