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Thrustmaster T150 Wheel PS4 :

Thrustmaster T150 Wheel PS4 :
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Thrustmaster set out to redefine the entry level enthusiast wheel with the Thrustmaster T150, and I think they did a very good job overall. It is not a perfect wheel. It has some drawbacks as I described above. When any company works to cost-optimize a product, compromises and concessions are invariably made. I think they balanced out this particular product very nicely. It offers a lot of really good features at a competitive price ($200 US), and it spends its money wisely in areas that would see the most utility.

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  1. I'm having a problem since I went from ps4 to the pro. I have nerve damage and can't use my feet/legs. So I need the paddles not the pedals. It was a pain to map it before but the games I did get to map it won't anymore. Its almost like it thinks the foot peddles are plugged in. won't let me assign throttle to right paddle and break to left one. Any ideas?

  2. The best entry level wheel is g29/g920 imo I picked up a used one with a stand and shifter and it has inverted pedals and the brake mod form I had it I put a new wheel on it and a new shifter knob on the shifter I only paid £200

  3. the best low buged wheel with: FFB is the Trustmaster T100 with it works for PC, PS3 and for lot of games for ps4 i have it 3years an i realy happy with it!!!! i pay not 300,-€uro´s for a wheel ore more..

    the Trustmaster t100 works by: Driveclub, Project cars 1 & 2, Dirt Rally all parts, Gran Turismo Sport, WRC all parts, sebastian Loeb Rally, and many more!!! the Handling is ok. for this price!

  4. This is the best wheel for the budget. Don't get the T80, it has no rumble, which defeats the purpose of a racing wheel. The 150 for $200 is just the right price for what you get.


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