These 13 crime riddles and teasers will fire up your brain to the max! Turn on your Inner Sherlock to solve all the mystery riddles and murder puzzles and answer all the brain teasers in no time at all! I left the last murder riddle for you to crack it! TELL you answers IN THE COMMENTS!

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  1. If you look at where the girl's body is there is one glass of milk missing as there is a black ring mark on the coaster. There are a pair of shoes very near the chair where her companion/murderer must have been sitting therefore the culprit must be in the pool. The lone girl in the pool is not swimming as she is drinking a glass of milk so she must be the killer. Also, the magnifier seemed to concentrate on showing us their feet so giving us the shoe clue and to zoom in on the ring mark on the coaster.
    There is a glass of milk on the other table but they have shoes.
    It is worth noting that the shoes of the other sunbathing girl and the lone man swimming in the pool are not there, but neither have the missing milk.
    The transparent locker room and boy is a red herring as he would have no reason to hide the glass and hiding the remains of the poison in his locker would only trap him. He has probably just arrived and is changing.
    He is an accomplice and swapped the poisoned milk glass and hide it with the poison in his locker hoping that only her locker and her known companion's locker would be searched!
    He acted alone and is making his getaway with the poison and glass before anyone notices the dead girl and the girl in the pool is innocent. But then why would they make a deal of showing us all the shoes?
    Everybody else is with a companion except the young boys who are in a group sitting at the side of the pool and there appear to be two poolside helpers.
    That's my best shot.


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