There are many dangerous roads in the world but some are more dangerous than others. If you want to try some dangerous driving then you should drive on roads mentioned in this video like the bolivian death road and the north yungas road. In this video we’ll be showing you 10 of the most dangerous roads in the world, which will also include the Guoliang Tunnel, James Dalton Highway and Skippers Canyon Road. You’ll be amazed that people even drive on these!
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Sichuan – Tibet Highway in China – Known for its high elevation and massive length , spanning 2,142km, this highway remains to be one of the few frequent roads used by drivers.Unfortunately, bad driving surfaces and sharp mountain-side hairpin turns have caused frequent accidents amongst inexperienced drivers.
La Carretera de los Yungas AKA The Death Road – This road didn’t get its name by chance, with over an estimated 200 deaths each year occurring here due to the insanely narrow road climbs and extreme winding and turnings. Not to mention that descending vehicles do not have the right of way, the muddy road features a terrifying 1000m drop should you commit one wrong move. With a length of 69km running from La Paz and Coroico in Bolivia, the death road is definitely not for the faint hearted.
Keylong – Kishtwar Road – One of the main roads leading to the basecamp of the Kishtwar Kailash mountain, the keylong – kishtwar road is a mountain trial located at the eastern extremity of the Jammu region in India . With a length of 234km and over 100 miles without a secure guard rail, it is all too disorienting for most drivers with the view of a valley over 2000ft beneath you.
Fairy Meadows Road – Locateed in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, the Fairy Meadows Road is made entirely out of gravel and has remained unmaintained over the past few centuries.
Col du Chaussy via Lacets de Montvernier – The much acclaimed Col du Chaussy is an extremely high mountain pass, with an elevation of up to 1,533 m above sea level. With the starting of this jouney at the “lacets de Montvernier”, a treacherous stretch with 17 hairpin turns stacked tightly against each other, you’d better hope your brakes don’t fail you here.
Guoliang Tunnel Road – This famed tunnel located high in the sacred mountains of Taihan g, China was hollowed out by villagers living in the town Guoliang. With any mistake, road users may find themselves flung out of one of the 30 windows that displays the majestic view beneath the mountains.
Skippers Canyon Road – Almost as scenic as it is dangerous, the Skippers Canyon road is one of the few places in New Zealand where even rental car insurances refuse to cover. Built during the gold rush in 1883, the Skippers Road remains unpaved and narrow, with just enough space for one vehicle at a time.
Bayburt Of Yolu-D915 – The D915 route is as one puts it, ‘truly a YOLO feat that should never be attempted lest you’re suicidal’. Residing in Trabzon, Turkey, this road is bordered by a drop of hundreds of metres down into rocky terrains without the protection of a guardrail.
BAM Road – Mother Russia has outdone herself once again, with the existence of one of the toughest roads to cross on this planet. Not only does the BAM road test one’s physical endurance, the sheer terror you have to put yourself through is simply unimaginable when crossing a road made of old rotting wood overhanging a river crossing.
James Dalton Highway – If the cold and isolation is what you crave for, then the James Dalton Highway would be right up your alley. Far away from any signs of civilisation, this highway is filled with huge port holes and strong winds that fling rocks at your vehicle constantly.


  1. Extremely high mountain pass at 1500m?! Really?! And because of 17 hair pin corners it's more dangerous than the 4 roads mentioned before? WTF?!
    You better redo this list, because that's just ridiculous.

  2. Kabul to Jalalabaad road is also dangerous, the dangerous is that the road is fine but terrorists are set on the mountains that they can shoot you.

  3. Que viennent faire les lacets du Mont Vernier dans cette histoire ? Il ne s'agit pas du tout d'une route dangereuse, mais d'une route de montagne comme beaucoup d'autres, qui s'empruntent facilement si on adapte sa vitesse !

  4. u forgot to mention Spiti Valley. I has one of the worlds most treacherous road from Karcham to Tabo!! check it out. Also, another worst patch is from Losar to Gramphoo via Kunzum La.

  5. The roads in Cornwall are pretty crazy, they are really narrow and have loads of twists and turns. They're also right inbetween farms with nothing but really tall grass protecting you


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